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2007 Two dimensional dynamic focusing of laser light by ferroelectric domain based electro-optic lenses
Reference: Applied Physics Letters 90, 201106
Author(s): M. Krishmanurti, M.O. Ramírez, J. Thomas, S. Denev, T. Lehecka, V. Gopalan, Q.X Jia,
2007 Lattice micro-modifications induced by Zn- diffusion in Nd:LiNbO3 channel waveguides probed by Nd3+ confocal micro-luminescence
Reference: Applied Physics B. 88, 201
Author(s): D.Jaque, E. Cantelar, G. Lifante,
2007 Photoluminescence of Bi4Si3O12:Er3+ crystal excited in the commercial laser diode emission region
Reference: Optical Materials 29, 605
Author(s): J. García Solé, A. Lira, M.O. Ramírez, U. Caldiño,
2007 Luminescence of lanthanide ions in strontium barium niobate
Reference: Journal of Luminescence 122-123, 307-310
Author(s): L.E. Bausá, A. Speghini, B. Capote, A. Ródenas, M. Bettinelli, P. Molina, D. Jaque, M. Ramírez, J.García Solé,
2007 Improvement of laser gain by micro-domain compensation effects in Nd:SBN lasers
Reference: Journal of Applied Physics 102, 053101
Author(s): P. Molina, D. Jaque, E. Martín-Rodríguez, L.E. Bausá, J.García Solé, A.A. Kaminskii,
2007 Thermal Lens Spectroscopy through phase transition in Neodymium doped Strontium Barium Niobate laser crystals
Reference: Journal of Applied Physics.101, 023113
Author(s): J. García Solé, T. Catunda, C. Jacinto, D. Jaque, A.A. Kaminskii,
2007 Effects of neodymium incorporation in the structural luminescence properties of the YAl3(BO3)4-NdAl3(BO3)4 system
Reference: Journal Phys. Cond: Matter, 19, 1-13
Author(s): A. Benayas, D. Jaque, E. Cavalli, J. García Solé, E. Bovero, N.I. Leonyuk, M. Bettinelli,
2007 Improvement of laser gain by micro-domain compensation effects in Nd:SBN crystals
Reference: Journal of Applied Physics. 102, 053101
Author(s): P.Molina, A.A. Kaminskii, E.Martín Rodríguez, J. García Solé, L.E. Bausá, D.Jaque,
2007 Improvement of MgF2 thin coating films for laser applications
Reference: Optical Materials.29, 783
Author(s): D. Jaque, F. Perales, J.M. Herrero, C. de las Heras,
2007 "Optical and structural properties in the amorphous to polycristalline transition in Sb2S3 thin films"
Reference: J.Phys.D: Appl.Phys. 40, 2440
Author(s): F. Perales, G. Lifante, F. Agulló Rueda, C. de las Heras,
2007 Time resolved confocal luminescence investigations on Reverse Proton Exchange Nd:LiNbO3 channel waveguides
Reference: Optics Express. 15, 8805
Author(s): A.C. Cino, G. Lifante, D. Jaque, E. Martín Rodriguez, E.Cantelar, A.C. Busacca, F.Cussó, S. Riva Sanseverino,
2006 Bistable Luminescence of Trivalent Rare-Earth Ions in Crystals
Reference: J. Luminescence 119-120, 314-317
Author(s): M. Bettinelli, E. Cavalli, J. García Solé, D. Jaque, L. Ivleva, A. Ródenas, A. Speghini, M. O. Ramírez, L.E. Bausá,
2006 Bistable chromatic switching in Yb3+ -doped NdPO4 crystals
Reference: Phys. Rev. B 74, 35106-1
Author(s): A. Ródenas, M. Bettinelli, D. Jaque, A. Speghini, J. García Solé, E. Cavalli,
2006 Photo luminescence studies of Strontiom Barium Niobate crystals doped with Cr3+ ions
Reference: Chemical Physics Letters. 417, 169
Author(s): D.Jaque, T.P.J. Han, F.Jaque, L. Ivleva,
2006 Bistable luminescence of Trivalent Rare Earth ions in crystals
Reference: Journal of Luminescence 119-120, 314-317
Author(s): E. Cavalli, M. O Ramírez, M. Bettinelli, A. Ródenas, J. García-Solé, D. Jaque, A. Speghini, L. Bausá, L. Ivleva,
2006 Continuous wave diode pumped Yb:Glass laser with near 90 % slope efficiency
Reference: Applied Physics Letters. 89, 121101
Author(s): C. Jacinto, D. Jaque, J.C. Lagomaciny, T. Catunda,

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