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2007 Ultraviolet nanosecond laser assisted micro-modifications in Lithium Niobate monitored by Nd3+ luminescence
Reference: Applied Physics A. 87, 87
Author(s): A. Ródenas, D.Jaque, G. Torchia, J.L. Ocaña, S. Lauzirica, C. Molpeceres, F. Agulló Rueda,
2007 Improvement of laser gain by microdomain compensation effects in Nd:SrBa(NbO3)2 lasers
Reference: J. Appl. Phys. 102, 053101
Author(s): P. Molina, D. Jaque, E. Martín Rodriguez, L.E. Bausá, J. García Solé, Alexander Kaminskii,
2007 Femtosecond laser written surface waveguides fabricated in Nd:YAG ceramics
Reference: Optics Express. 15, 13266
Author(s): C. Mendez, A.Ródenas, G.A. Torchia, D.Jaque, L.Roso,
2006 Bistable luminescence of Trivalent Rare Earth ions in crystals
Reference: Journal of Luminescence 119-120, 314-317
Author(s): E. Cavalli, M. O Ramírez, M. Bettinelli, A. Ródenas, J. García-Solé, D. Jaque, A. Speghini, L. Bausá, L. Ivleva,
2006 Femtosecond laser induced micro-modifications in Nd:SBN crystals: amorphization and luminescence inhibition
Reference: Journal of Applied Physics. 100, 113517
Author(s): P. Moreno, I. Arias, D. Jaque, A. Ródenas, G Torchia, L. Roso, C. Mendez, F. Agulló-Rueda,
2006 Optical investigations of femtosecond induced microstress in LiNbO3 crystals.
Reference: Journal of Applied Physics. 100, 033521
Author(s): L. Rossa, C. Mendez, J.A. Sanz García, A. Ródenas, D.Jaque, I. Arias, G.Torchia, F. Agulló Rueda,
2006 Wide infrared and visible tunability from a Nd3+:Ba2NaNbO15 self-frequency-converter disordered laser crystal
Reference: J. Applied Physics. 99, 026105
Author(s): J. García Solé, M.O. Ramírez, A. Ródenas, D.Jaque, A.A. Kaminskii,
2006 Optical properties of trivalent rare earth ions around the ferro-paraelectric transition in SBN crystals
Reference: Ferroelectrics 337, 33-39
Author(s): M.O. Ramírez, A. Speghini, D. Jaque, J. García-Solé, L.E. Bausá, M. Bettinelli,
2006 Self activated Nd:BNN opticals superlattices: Micro characterisation and non collineal laser light generation
Reference: Optics Communications 262, 220
Author(s): F.Agullo Rueda, A. Ródenas, D.Jaque, A.A. Kaminskii,
2006 High pressure luminescence in Nd doped LiNbO3 crystals
Reference: High Pressure Research Journal. 26, 341
Author(s): U. R. Rodríguez Mendoza, F. Lahoz, A. Ródenas, I. R. Martín, D. Jaque, V. Lavín,
2006 Phase transition induced gain depression in Nd3+: SBN lasers
Reference: J. Appl. Phys, 100, 113114-1 – 113114-8
Author(s): J. García Solé, D.Jaque, E. Martín Rodriguez, J.A. Sanz García, A.A. Kamiskii,
2006 Laser gain in femtosecond microstructured Nd:MgO:LiNbO3 crystals
Reference: Applied Physics B. 83, 559
Author(s): D.Jaque, L.Rosso, G.Torchia, A.Ródenas, J.García Solé,
2006 Optical Spectroscopy of Yb3+ doped Ca3Sc2Ge3O12 garnet crystal
Reference: Journal of Applied Physics 99, 013507-(1-5)
Author(s): E. Cavalli, M.O. Ramírez, L.E. Bausá, E. Bovero,
2006 Bifunctional laser and non-linear crystals
Reference: Optical Materials.28, 310
Author(s): A.Brenier, D.Jaque, A. Majchrowski,
2006 Optical properties of active ions around the ferro-paraelectric phase transition in SBN Crystals
Reference: Ferroelectrics, 337, 33-39
Author(s): M. O. Ramírez, L.E. Bausá, M. Bettinelli, J. García Solé, A. Speghini, D. Jaque,
2006 Phase transition in SrxBa1-xNb2O6 ferroelectric crystals probed by Raman spectroscopy
Reference: Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 39, 4930-4934
Author(s): U. Caldiño, M.O. Ramírez, D. Jaque, M. Bettinelli, J. García Solé, L. E. Bausá, A. Speghini,

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