Luisa E. Bausá

Full professor at Departamento de Física de Materiales
Universidad Autónoma
Campus de Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid

Main Research Fields

New optical systems by assembling optical structures on alternate polarity surfaces


  • 140 articles in peer-reviewed journals
  • Co-author of 1 book

Undergraduate and Post-graduate Education

  • More than 30 graduate courses imparted on different subjects as: “Electromagnetism, Optics, Experimental Techniques in Physics,…
  • More than 25 postgraduate courses imparted on: Spectroscopy and its Applications, Laser and its Applications,…
  • Supervisor of 7 PhD thesis

Other Accomplishments:

  • 140 presentations at International Conferences (40 invited talks: 20 as presenting author; 41 oral contributions )
  • 20 seminars in Universities and Research laboratories (NIMS at Tsukuba-Japan; PAN Warsaw-Poland; ENSP-Paris, EPFL Laussane-Switzerland, ICMM, Madrid-Spain,..)
  • Participation in 41 research projects of the Spanish Research Founding Agencies or International Institutions (14 as PI)
  • Member of the Program and Advisory Committee of 17 International Conferences