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2015 Snom characterization of a potential low cost thin gold coated micro-structured grating using a commercial CD substrate

 Revista Mexicana de Física, 61, 428

Author(s): J. Barrio, T.P.J. Han, J. Lamela, C. de las Heras, G. Lifante, M.A. Sanchez-Alejo, E. Camarillo, F. Jaque,
2014 BaMgF4: An Ultra-Transparent Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Photonic Crystal with Strong χ(3) Response in the UV Spectral Region

 Advanced Functional Materials, 24, 1509–1518

Author(s): Luis Mateos, Mariola Ramirez, Irene Carrasco, Pablo Molina, Juan F. Galisteo-Lopez, Encarnacion G. Villora, Carmen De Las Heras, Kiyoshi Shimamura, Cefe Lopez, Luisa E. Bausá,
2014 Blue SHG Enhancement by Silver Nanocubes Photochemically Prepared on a RbTiOPO4 Ferroelectric Crystal

 Advanced Materials, 26, 6447–6453

Author(s): Laura Sánchez-García, Mariola O. Ramírez, Pablo Molina, Francisco Gallego-Gómez, Luis Mateos, Eduardo Yraola, Joan J. Carvajal, Magdalena Aguiló, Francesc Díaz, Carmen De Las Heras, Luisa E. Bausá,
2013 Selective plasmon enhancement of the 1.08 μm Nd3+ laser Stark transition by tailoring Ag nanoparticles chains on a Y-cut PPLN

Nano Letters, 13, 4931

Author(s): P. Molina, E.Yraola, M. O Ramírez, J. L. Plaza, C. de las Heras, L. E. Bausá,
2007 "Optical and structural properties in the amorphous to polycristalline transition in Sb2S3 thin films"
Reference: J.Phys.D: Appl.Phys. 40, 2440
Author(s): F. Perales, G. Lifante, F. Agulló Rueda, C. de las Heras,
2007 "Photoconductivity in LiNbO3 crystals codoped with MgO and Cr2O3"
Reference: Appl.Phys.B. 87, 123
Author(s): L.Arizmendi, C. de las Heras, F. Jaque, A. Suchocki, S.Kobyakov and T.P.J. Han,
2007 Improvement of MgF2 thin coating films for laser applications
Reference: Optical Materials.29, 783
Author(s): D. Jaque, F. Perales, J.M. Herrero, C. de las Heras,
2006 Passive Q-Switching of a diode pumped Nd:CGGG crystal: Benefits of inhomogeneous line broadening and short pulse generation
Reference: Optical Materials. 28, 408
Author(s): M.Montes, C. de las Heras, D.Jaque,
2003 "Single-channel transmision in gold one-atom contacts and chains"
Reference: Phys.Rev.B (RC) 67, 121407
Author(s): G. Rubio-Bollinger, C. de las Heras, E. Bascones, N. Agrait, F. Guinea and S. Vieira,
2003 Diode pumped laser action at 1.34 µm from the Nd3+:Ca3Ga2Ge3O12 garnet crystal, influence of Nd3+ multicentre distribution.
Reference: Journal of the Optical Society of America B. 20, 2075
Author(s): C.Heras, A. Brenier, D.Jaque, G.Boulon, J. García Solé,
2003 Rare earth ion doped non linear laser crystal
Reference: Radiation Effects & Defects in Solids, 158, 231-239
Author(s): M.O. Ramírez, L.E. Bausá, D. Jaque, J.J. Romero, J. García Solé, J.A. Sanz García, C. de las Heras,
1997 NdS2 formation in Nd-doped pyrite films
Reference: Journal Physics: Condensed Matter 9, 9483-9495
Author(s): C. de las Heras, L.E. Bausá,
1996 "Structural and microstructural features of pyrite FeS2-x thin films obtained by thermal sulfuration of iron"
Reference: J. Matt. Research 11, 211
Author(s): C. de las Heras, J. L. Martín de Vidales, I.J. Ferrer and C. Sanchez,
1994 "In situ electrical resistivity measurement during the sulphuration of Pyrite and Fe thin films"
Reference: J.Phys: Condens. Matter. 6, 899
Author(s): C. de las Heras, D. Salto, I.J. Ferrer and C. Sanchez,
1994 "Temperature dependence of the optical absorption edge of pyrite FeS2 thin films"
Reference: J.Phys: Condens. Matter. 6, 10177
Author(s): C. de las Heras, I.J. Ferrer and C. Sanchez,
1993 "Application of Mösbauer Spectroscopy to the study of formation of Iron Pyrite thin films"
Reference: J.Mat.Sci. 28, 389
Author(s): I.J. Ferrer, C. de las Heras, N.Páramo, J.Tornero and C. Sanchez,

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