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2002 Interplay between vortex lattice and mesoscopic magnetic regular arrays
Reference: Physica C. 369, 135
Author(s): I.K.Schuller, J.I.Martín, D.Jaque, M.Velez, M.E.Gonzalez, A.Hoffman, E.Navarro, J.E.Villegas, M.I.Montero, J.L.Vicent,
2002 Simultaneous generation of coherent light in the three fundamental colors by quasicylindrical ferroelectric domains in Sr0.6Ba0.4(NbO3)2
Reference: Applied Physics Letters. 81, 4106
Author(s): J.García Solé, J.J.Romero, D.Jaque, A.A.Kaminskii,
2002 Vortex lattice channeling in Nb films induced by anisotropic arrays of mesoscopic pinning centers
Reference: Physical Review B. 65, 104511
Author(s): M.Velez, I.K.Schuller, D.Jaque, M.I.Montero, J.I.Martín, J.L.Vicent,
2002 Up Conversion luminescence in the Bi12SiO20 :Er3+ photorefractive crystal
Reference: Ferroelectrics. 272, 69-74
Author(s): L.E. Bausá, A. Lira C., M.O. Ramírez, J.J Romero, U. Caldiño,
2002 Tunable green laser ligth source by intracavity frequency mixing from a diode pumped Nd:YVO4 crystal operating at 1342 nm
Reference: Applied Optics. 41, 6394
Author(s): Z.D.Luo, D.Jaque, J.J.Romero, X.Huang,
2002 Determination of magnetic axes distribution in epitaxial Fe (001) micrometric squares by magneto optical technique
Reference: Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. 240, 37
Author(s): D.Jaque, F.Briones, J.I.Martín, J.L.Costa Krämer, G.Armelles, J.L.Vicent,
2002 Simulations and experiments on magneto-optical diffraction by an array of epitaxial Fe(001) microsquares
Reference: Appl. Phys. Lett. 81, 3206
Author(s): D.Jaque,
2002 Optimum conditions for UV laser generation based on self frequency sum mixing in Nd3+ activated borate crystals
Reference: Journal of the Optical Society of America B. 19, 1326
Author(s): D.Jaque,
2002 Fabrication of 2D, 1D and 0D ordered metallic nanostructures
Reference: Vacuum. 67, 693
Author(s): E.Navarro, J.E.Villegas, E.M.Gonzalez, D.Jaque, J.L.Vicent,
2002 Codoping effects on the laser gain of Neodymiun activated Lithium Niobate crystals
Reference: Ferroelectrics. 273, 193
Author(s): J.A.Sanz García, O.Enguita, J.J.Romero, D.Jaque, B.Oliveros, J.García Solé,
2002 Up-conversion luminescence in the Bi12SiO20 photo-refractive crystal
Reference: Ferroelectrics 272, 69
Author(s): L.E. Bausá, A. Lira C., M. O. Ramírez, J.J. Romero, U. Caldiño G.,
2002 Mixed-state properties of superconducting Nb/Ni superlattices
Reference: Physica C. 369, 213
Author(s): E.M.Gonzalez, E.Navarro, J.E.Villegas, D.Jaque, J.L.Vicent,
2002 Photoluminescence of Bi12SiO20 :Er3+ excited in the commercial laser diode emission region
Reference: Journal of Materials Sciences Letters. 21 (19) 1517-1519
Author(s): A. Lira, M.O. Ramírez, L.E. Bausá, U. Caldiño,
2002 Solid state laser scheme for simultaneous red and green generation
Reference: Journal of Physics. D: Applied Physics. 35, 2711
Author(s): Y.D.Huang, D.Jaque, O.Benito, Z.D.Luo, J.García Solé,
2002 Nanopatterning effects on magnetic anisotropy of epitaxial Fe(001) micrometric squares
Reference: Journal of Applied Physics. 91, 382
Author(s): D.Jaque, F.Briones, J.I.Martín, J.L.Costa Krämer, G.Armelles, J.L.Vicent,
2002 Optical spectroscopy of Er3+ doped Bi12SiO20 piezoelectric crystal
Reference: Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 341, 275-279
Author(s): L.E. Bausá, A. Lira C., M.O. Ramírez, J.A. Sanz G., U. Caldiño,

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